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My Story

My relationship with Colorado goes way back.  My parents moved our family to Colorado in 1978.  I graduated from Cherry Creek High School and then received a degree in Applied Math at CSU.  I left Colorado for my first professional job, programming in the Aerospace industry.  After an MBA from the University of Rochester, I spent the first part of my work life out of state.  My wife Paula and I moved back to Colorado with our two sons in 2014.  In May, I retired from Wells Fargo after 24 years in the analytics field.  

I've been active in politics since I was in high school and have voted in every election and primary.  I read around 25 politically oriented books per year and stay current on all major policy issues.  I never had time to run for office while working full time, but since retiring I want to give it a go. 

Our country has serious problems and severe polarization, with both parties at fault.  For a Republican to win in CD7, they'll have to be different enough to attract Independents and moderate Democrats - i.e. "different enough to win".  Please read my take on the issues to get an idea of what I mean.  My speeches to various audiences are at the You Tube link here or the logo below.

If you're frustrated that the system doesn't seem to represent you and like what I'm saying here, please support me.  I need both your votes and your support, since I won't be taking from money from special interests on either extreme.  Thanks in advance.

Citizens for Jim Hemenway
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