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Protecting the nation from foreign invasion is the most basic role of government and ours has failed. 

As with taxes and spending, we'll need a grand bargain here too.  However, to restore confidence in the system, the enforcement concessions required now are much more extreme than in 1986.  See below.  Enforcement would have to come first though and work the illegal population down before the amnesty is offered. Here's what I could agree to: 

  1. Implement national E-Verify (i.e. employment verification) on all employers to eliminate the jobs magnet.  Allow private party enforcement via civil lawsuits, like whistleblowers. 
  2. Revoke birthright citizenship.
  3. Tax remittances with tax rates dependent on cooperation from other countries. 
  4. Require local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with ICE. 
  5. Allow illegals with long histories to stay and get a green card with penalty payments that are substantial - $5k to $10k.
  6. Reduce legal immigration levels to around 200-400k per year, based on job skills and the size of the amnestied population. Eliminate chain migration and diversity lottery. Reduce immigration from Muslim majority countries.
  7. Establish numerical guidelines to limit abuse of "prosecution discretion" and parole categories. 

Some employers will complain that they need guest workers to keep their businesses going.  If it really comes down to importing the workers or exporting the jobs, let’s export the jobs.  We don’t make clothing or shoes or TVs in the U.S. anymore, why should we import a peasant class to pick strawberries or cucumbers?

For refugees, eliminate the “credible fear” standard and summarily deport them if they’ve already passed thru a safe country.  The current system is too easy to game and too expensive and unwieldy to administer, we need to change that. 

Citizens for Jim Hemenway
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