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National Identity

Teddy recognized the perils of dual citizenship/dual loyalty and bilingualism.  Unfortunately, they're way more common now.

We sent $6 billion to Iran in a hostage swap to rescue Americans who were former citizens of Iran, with dual (and sometimes triple!) citizenship, one of whom was based in Dubai.  They maintained ties with Iran for business or political reasons which (in hindsight) complicate our foreign/defense policy.

There are an estimated 500-600 Americans among the Gaza refugees trying to exit.  Some may be visitors, but some are dual nationals choosing to live there.  Why are they Americans only when trouble strikes?

Ariel Sally is Las Vegas police officer who has been called up by the IDF to fight Hamas.  Las Vegas media reports that he’s a dual national who said “I have two homes, I will not put one in front of the other… They are equals to me.”

What country is he loyal to?
Cain Velasquez was a UFC fighter, his image is at left.  His parents immigrated from Mexico but he was born and lives in the U.S.   





What country is she loyal to?

Eileen Gu competed in the 2022 Winter Olympics for China.  She was born in the U.S. but since China doesn't allow dual citizenship, there are questions about whether she renounced her U.S. citizenship. Her political views are critical of the U.S., but curiously, not of China.   She's currently a student at Stanford. 

All of these incidents contribute to the patriotism decline.  Israel and Ukraine have tough, patriotic citizens who will fight for them, and valiantly.  But in those countries, soldiers aren't fighting for an idea, they're fighting for a people and a country.  Who will fight for the U.S.?   Who will sacrifice for it?  This is a conversation we need to start.

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