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Health Care

Why is it so expensive?  Lots of reasons.  The U.S. has fewer doctors per capita which drives up salaries.  Advertising is permitted for drugs and medical practices, driving up volumes.  Malpractice law drives lawsuits and unnecessary defensive medicine.  Pricing isn't transparent which makes comparison shopping difficult.

Expenses matter because collectively, we all pay.  The government directly pays for almost half of all healthcare via Medicare, Medicaid and some smaller programs.  Taxpayers and deficits pay that portion.  But even employer provided insurance is paid for indirectly by lower salaries and wages.  See image below - It costs around $24k per family.

During the debate over the Affordable Care Act, the term “death panels” was coined to describe using data to evaluate the effectiveness of medical procedures.  This was vilified and rejected at the time without any real discussion.  Therefore, our current policy amounts to “everybody gets everything.”

You don’t need to be an expert to know that will be expensive.  That's not conservative or responsible and we need to fix that.

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