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Foreign Policy and Defense

In February of 2022, in the lead up to the Ukraine war, the Russians’ red line demand was “no Ukraine in NATO.”  Our State Department and White House refused saying “we support a rules-based order where any country can be allied with any other country.”  Many foreign policy experts pointed out that moving NATO eastward was provocative to Russia and eventually would cause problems.  Here are the consequences - 

  1. Rebuilding costs in Ukraine on the order of $1 trillion and long term a potentially failed state. 
  2. Russia allied with China/Iran/North Korea and permanently hostile.
  3. Hundreds of thousands of casualties between the two sides.

This is a good deal because Ukraine can be in NATO?  We need a "Nixon goes to China" approach to Russia now.  The one concession that might persuade Russia to stop fighting, revert to old borders and pay reparations would be a dissolution of NATO, or withdrawal of U.S. involvement with the alliance.  With NATO "ally" Turkey taking Hamas' side and meager European defense capabilities, we see how worthless the alliance is. 

China is a valid threat.  But here too, we need allies who can genuinely help us rather than freeloading clients who exhort us to fight their battles from the sidelines.  There are multiple chokepoints in the world economy, even for technology and semiconductors, and we control many.  In energy and food production, we have a very strong position. 

Ultimately, we need a foreign/defense policy that Americans are willing to pay for and fight for. 

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